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My Spaceships by GuardianLord My Spaceships by GuardianLord
This is an updated version of some of my spaceships that I have drawn using Windows Paint program. I have used No scale for the ships, and not all of them are part of the same organization as the others. These were done with different sources of inspiration but all are my own designs. I hope you enjoy them.

As always any and all comments, critiques or suggestions are welcome. And please leave a comment even if you just stop by.

The Mark IV Cheenan Heavy Scout Craft specializes in long range intelligence gathering deep behind enemy lines. It boasts powerful sensors 2 on each wing. And a powerful onboard analysis computer and a crack team to check the data gathered over nearly the area of an entire star system. Each sensor can scan for different things simultaneously or work together for a more detailed and speedy scan of specific things. It has extremely fast engines and a tough compact hull. It only carries 2 light cannons and an AF laser. The interior is cramped but contains all necessities for long missions of up to 3 months at a time including a full kitchen, small arboretum and a small gym.

The Gheru Quick Strike Craft is a vessel designed for medium range precision strikes. It has fast engines, and a single launch bay for up to 6 fighters and 2 bombers, it can fly in drop off the fighter squadron and then fly out before it can be attacked. It can then return to retrieve it’s fighters once the mission is completed. It is lightly armed and lightly armored and relies mostly on speed for defense.

M’Racu Heavy Military Fuel Hauler is a long range vessel specifically designed to travel in military convoys and replenish ships fuel both in combat and out. It holds both solid starship fuel and liquid fighter fuel. It cannot refuel fighters directly. It has very heavy armor and generally holds enough fuel to supply a whole fleet for nearly 2 weeks.

The Medium Military Warp Hauler is used for transporting large sections of completed starbases, ship components and even entire starship hulls. It has a small compliment of escort fighters and a decent array of weapons because of the extreme ranges and delicate nature of it’s cargo these are a must. This vessel is able to “tow” up to 5 times it’s own mass at FTL speeds for very long distances.

The T’Shing Leang Ma Blockade Buster is used for one thing, busting apart stationary or occupying fleets. It will speed in to an enemy fleet and dive between them with all guns firing to the side. It has a single large cannon used for softening up future targets with massive solid slugs meant to drain shields and shake up the crew. While it does have many heavy weapons it has weak shields and medium armor. It is very vulnerable to fighters. Luckily it carries 2 squadrons of fighters for protection.

The Katana Battle Corvette is a medium range ship designed to defend larger ships from fighters. It has several independent rotating guns and a full bank of missiles as well as very maneuverable engines to keep up with enemy fighters.

The Bruser Frigate is an all-purpose vessel generally used for planetary or starbase defense. It has a medium range and has heavy armor allowing it to take on medium enemies directly. It has several combat shuttles on board as well as a wide array of weapons for this purpose, light to medium cannons, missiles, and AF turrets.

The Triggon Light Capitol Ship is an extremely heavy fleet vessel with a single massive long range energy cannon for direct fire against other heavy Capitol ships. It carries many squadrons of fighters, bombers, and shuttles. It has a large array of weapons both large and small but due to its size it remains vulnerable to fighters. Despite its size is has good forward maneuvering. It also has a unique low energy shotgun defense for small fighters and incoming missiles that shoots out in a wide and random pattern from the top, side and forward sections.

The Advanced Sensor Recon Unit is an extreme long range border vessel. It can travel long range for long stretches of time. It has 16 separate sensor pods, each with it’s own emitters and receivers and it’s own analysis team. Each pod can be used to scan a huge area in great detail on 1 or 2 bands. The ship also has a massive communications array allowing almost real time transmission of all data gathered for either it’s nearby fleet or for the central archives light-years away with little degradation. The hull and internal energy systems are specifically designed to eliminate noise and to maximize sensor efficiency. The ship will enter a system, shut off main engines, extend to pods, and deactivate weapons, sensors, non-essential internal systems and communications. Each pod will then begin scanning with the 3-man crew of each pod adjusting for the perfect resolution. Each pod can see a single humanoid 50 meters below solid rock at the edge of a system, all of the pods can tell you who he is, what he’s doing, and what he had for breakfast. They can scan in greater detail at shorter ranges or longer ranges in less detail depending on mission parameters. They are used extensively to monitor enemy traffic and provide advanced warning and detection of anything nearing the border.

The Mark V Moloban Repair Vessel is used for near frontline rapid vessel repair. It has a full compliment of repair vessels suited to different tasks, as well as dozens of engineers and repair drones. It can fix several small fighters, shuttles, or bombers at once, or attach itself to a larger vessel and repair small sections or components or recreate them from scratch if necessary. It uses it’s own convoy of fast cargo ships to keep it fully stocked of supplies and fresh engineers when needed. It does have weapons but it is not used for combat and cannot conduct repairs under fire as the catwalks and tractor tethers are too fragile to sustain much damage. It and it’s team generally wait just behind the front line as a mobile repair station with damaged ships coming to it before returning to battle. It usually works in conjunction with fleet ambulance ship, pilot and escape pod recovery team, cargo hauler, and fuel haulers, as well as the command ship and communications and scanner teams.

The Mazallo Long Range Patrol Craft is a ship normally used to police space lanes and large systems. It has decent weapons, good armor, and good speed. It works in conjunction with its fighters and bombers to deal with most pirate threats.

The Mazelle Heavy Escort Craft is a medium vessel commonly used to protect convoys from pirate threats. It has many small AF turrets as well as a full missile compliment, and a medium cannon for heavier threats.

The In-flight Long-range Re fueler is used for small craft convoy refueling so that small ships can get back to normal flight as quickly as possible. It can eject it’s fuel pod and retrieve another fully loaded one very quickly.

The Warp Tow and Salvage Vessel has large engines and multiple tractor emitters to tow up to 3 times it’s own mass as well as a short range cutting beam for shearing off parts of derelict hulls for transport.

The Fast Troop Transport is used to carry hundreds of troops forward straight into battle on a planet’s surface or for vessel boarding. It has 80 separate airlocks on the sides, and each can open alone or all at once allowing for multiple breach points or a fast exist for soldiers on a planets surface. It has excellent armor and 2 large cannons for defense as well as many small laser guns for anti infantry suppression during troop evac. It relies on speed to keep it safe during combat. It is not made for long missions but can support 200 soldiers and 35 crew for several days if need be.

Triggon Long Range Military Cargo Transport is a vital fleet vessel used to carry any number of cargoes in detachable cargo pods as well as several massive internal cargo bays. It can carry a squadron of fighters for defense, as well as a large compliment of transport shuttles to disperse needed cargo quickly during combat restocking. It has a surprisingly small crew compliment, but can hold more people if they are needed for special cargo.

The Ambassador Class Transport Vessel is a luxury ship meant for politicians, dignitaries, ambassadors, and is even used by the rich. It has powerful shields, good armor, and fast engines, as well as being very maneuverable. It has only a small number of spacious luxury cabins but it does have everything a VIP could want from dance rooms, to boardrooms, to an entertainment suite as well as plenty of rooms for servants, guards, assistants, etc. It also has 2 shuttle bays with 4 heavy shuttles, as well as decent weapons systems to defend against most threats. Like the manufacturer says “It’ll get you safely where you need to go no matter where it is, and it’ll do it in style.”

The Guardian Heavy Battle Cruiser is the backbone of the military, small for it’s class it sports powerful shields, ablative armor, and heavy cannons, as well as smaller weapons for smaller threats. It holds 2 fighter squadrons that launch from a protected dorsal bay. It’s twin engines give it medium speed but surprising agility. This vessel can operate independently or in a fleet and is deployed all over the Alliance. It can handle most threats and is capable of holding an enemy at bay until support can arrive. Most of these ships run 1-year missions at a time and have proven difficult to completely destroy. Many have returned to duty after losing both engines, 95% of weapons, and up to 35% of their hull. They are sturdy ships loved by their captains and crews.

Automated Cargo Container Satellites are normally deployed en-masse around a planet or near a support station. Each satellite can hold 4 cargo containers, as well as a small onboard cargo supply. It runs off of replenishing energy core and cosmic particle collectors allowing each to run alone for decades at a time without difficulty. Each satellite also has 5 automatic defense guns and a decent shield system, as well as internal defense guns. Each satellite has an onboard crew area that is only activated when people are onboard. It can supply a small crew for up to 6 months with onboard supplies and standard power consumption rates. The cargo pods can be individually customized for different purposes, from crew quarters, to fuel holds, to spare part canisters, and everything in between making the satellites popular with militaries and merchants alike.

The Orbital Military Docking Station is used most often for light garrison duties as well as minor vessel repair capabilities. It can hold hundreds of people and has a robust docking system allowing it to hold huge vessels even while in orbit. It is most commonly used as a transition point for crew rotations and most stations see large volumes of traffic daily. It relies on nearby cargo satellites for most of it’s cargo but does have large onboard storage bays nonetheless.

The Heavy Battle Cruiser is used as a fleet vessel. It’s prominent twin guns are used to punch through enemy vessels allowing it’s support fleet to clean up the rest. It has a high turn rate and is designed to turn within it’s own diameter to quickly bring it’s guns to bear. It is vulnerable to fighters but has it’s own fighters for defense. It has a large compliment of missiles, as well as many heavy guns allowing it to attack medium to large vessels well. Each gun is independently, crewed, controlled, shielded, and powered.

Alliance Missile Ship is another fleet vessel designed to keep a steady stream of large and small missiles on enemy formations.

The Luxury Cruise Liner is a large civilian ship used by the Alliance for inexpensive luxury trips for citizens. These ships run exclusively in safe zones where there is no enemy activity at all, as these vessels have no real armaments. Each of the many Cruise liners holds a lot of passengers most of which have their own side window. Every activity or amenity imaginable is on board for guests, as well as a full array of tour and private shuttles. This vessel is considered extremely safe and utilizes the latest in escape pod technology and automatic safety systems. Each ship generally runs a 35-day tour of nearby planets, nebulae and the inner corona of a star. This is ship is usually the first ship most of it’s passengers have ever been on.

The Casino Ship is usually used as a gambling destination that sits in orbit of planets or moons that do not have such facilities, or on which gamboling is illegal. Each ship is independently owned and operated, but all have their own defense contractors. These ships hold millions of credits in valuables and are sometimes used as safe locations for rich individuals looking to hold valuables temporarily. Each ship has 2 domes placed bottom to bottom with opposing gravity fields meaning that you are always looking “up” to the top of each dome. The unique design allows everyone in the dome to have at least a partial view of the outside. Almost any environment can be supported inside allowing for maximum comfort for guests no matter where they are in orbit.

The “Green Ship” is actually a planetary bombardment vessel. It has a single massive cannon in its belly that allows for exacting and powerful blows to enemy planetary shields. The four large retractable thrusters keep the ship stable during firing. The 5 large engines are used to power the cannon and the ships impressive shields that allow it to sustain surface fire during its bombardment. It has some weapons but mostly relies on a support fleet to protect it and provide ground units after the bombardments are finished. The main cannon can be used for precision firing on specific building locations provided by ground troops allowing for minimum collateral damage to nearby structures. The main gun is not fast enough to attack spaceships, but it can target tank columns or large naval ships. It is also often used as a command center for planetary invasions and despite is high maintenance costs and fuel consumption rates it is an invaluable military vessel.
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teemunkle Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2009   Digital Artist
i admire the time and effort you have put in to your work.they look great and have lots of interesting details.presented on a black background like that they look awesome.
GuardianLord Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2009
Thank you very much, I really appreciate that and I am glad you like them.
xxVectorZeroxx Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
most impressive that must have taken quite some time to do. i also draw ships and things with MP and edit them in AP.
GuardianLord Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2008
Thank you. And yes it did take a while to do them... and I'm not done yet. I'll be sure to check out your gallery.
Drei57 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2010  Student Interface Designer
I've used blender before, so I could offer advice. Blender is free online but I don't have the link to the site for it.
xxVectorZeroxx Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
ya know you should make seperate images for each ship, i cant see the details on them, and mabe you should try rendering them in a 3d program like blender.
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