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"Mommy, please check the closet for monsters again?" The young child pleaded again.
"No sweetheart it's late and you have to get to sleep." The mother scolded.

The child pulled the covers closer and hugged the teddy bear even tighter.
"But I heard something! It was a monster somewhere in the room!" The child pleaded again to their exasperated mother.

"Honey, we are on the top floor, the windows and doors are locked and your father and I are in the next room, nothing is going to get you, now turn off your light and go to sleep, there are no such things as monsters." The mother said tersely, her patience quickly disappearing.
"But mom!" The child began.
"Go to sleep." The mother said before closing the door and leaving.

The child sat in their bed, the moonlight streaming in through the tightly locked window spreading odd patterns all across the room. The child peered through terrified eyes at the wild shapes dancing on the walls as clouds flitted in front of the shining moon.
Goblins and demons laughed and played, chasing each other from wall to wall, a vampire sat on the ceiling, glowing eyes staring hungrily at the bed. A snake slithered between the child's toys along the floor, hunting.

Faces lit up taunting the terrified child who just couldn't seem to look away.

The child wanted to scream but the shadows strangled the sounds before they could escape. With muscles paralyzed and tongue tied in knots the evil creatures and laughing faces circled, faster and faster coming closer and closer to the bed.

A scream escaped the choking grasp of shadow.
A scream ignored by tired parents who don't know any better.

The shadows chased the shapes leaving pitch darkness behind. The moonlight was swallowed whole as a dark cloud passed before it.

Closer and closer they spiralled together into a single ray of precious moonlight cast directly on the child's horror-stricken face. Then the cackling demons and laughing faces swallowed that too leaving utter blackness thicker than any nightmare.

When the cloud passed by and the light broke through to shine in the window once again, it shone on an empty bed, in an empty room next to parents who still don't know some monsters are real.
Something quick under the same theme as the last piece [link] written for An entry for :iconfireaura: 's contest "It Runs" [link]

It is longer than the other one so it might not count. But I would still like to hear what you think of this piece.
GavynScarborrough Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2010   Writer
Tre creepy. I like the original idea of how monsters attack.

Do you have a monster theme going on? The last one I saw was monster related, too...

I suppose it might have something to do with your user name...
GuardianLord Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2010
Ha, yes I see what you mean, I get that way sometimes. i will find an idea and attack it from different angles. Mostly this is for a group contest at [link] , who knows what will be next?
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